The Simple View of Reading

Did you know there has been a "reading war" going on in this country for about the past 100 years?  It's true - educators and politicians have been arguing over whether it is better to teach children to read using phonics or whole language.  Meanwhile scientists have been researching exactly how reading is best taught.

The picture above is of Scarborough's Rope (Scarborough,H. 2003) and it shows how there are 2 components of reading.  There is #1) language comprehension and #2)word recognition or decoding skills.  If either component is lacking reading will suffer.

 The simple view of reading says that reading comprehension (which of course is the goal) equals decoding skills times language comprehension.  So if either decoding or language comprehension is is compromised then reading comprehension will suffer. (Gough and Tunmer, 1986)



Although reading can be quite complicated as you can see with the many strands making up reading success in the illustration above, we will begin at the beginning and your child will experience success right from the start.  As the curriculum gradually becomes more complicated they will continue to experience success which will increase their confidence and their enjoyment as well.

In every hour of tutoring here at Defeating Dyslexia with Darci we will include well rounded instruction making sure that both components of reading are well covered so that you will be sure to be successful.