I am Darci Ziegler.  Here is just a little bit of info about me:

*I live on the plains of Colorado with my husband and 2 grown kids (1 girl, and 1 boy).  We also have 1 dog, several cats, and chickens.

*We homeschooled both children all the way through highschool.

*Our family likes to hike and camp in the mountains.

*My favorite place to be is the garden - almost any garden, vegetable garden, xeric garden, but especially flower gardens... and a strange thing about me is I actually like to weed!

*I am a Certified Academic Language Practitioner (CALP) and am kind of a nerd that loves to learn about how to teach reading to struggling readers.


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My Story

If I had known what I know now I would have known before school age that my first child was going to struggle with reading.  The signs were all there.  First of all there was a history of reading difficulties in the family.  Next she was in speech therapy from age 2-5.  And she had the hardest time remembering the names of things.  She didn't even remember the name of her favorite dolly so she ended up calling her blue baby because she had a blue outfit.  Of course this difficulty in remembering the names of things made learning the names of letters and numbers very difficult.  Like I said if I had known what I know now I would have known without a doubt she was dyslexic.  But at the time, even though I was a certified teacher, I had no idea.  I had not learned anything about dyslexia in my teacher training program.  

I had been teaching kindergarten before my own children were born and I quit my job to stay home with them.  Most of the children in my kindergarten class had learned to read and I really thought I knew how to teach reading.  But I did not know what I did not know.  When I began to teach my daughter to read in the same way I had taught my kindergarten class it just didn't work.  

We struggled and floundered for several years with her making minimal progress.  It was extremely frustrating for both of us.  I often tried to make some fun game or something to help us learn - but it just wasn't fun.  It was hard work for her and always disappointing and discouraging.  There were lots of tears.  I was unsure what to do.   We finally had her evaluated and got a diagnosis of dyslexia.  From that point on I have been studying about dyslexia and how to teach dyslexic people to read.  

I am excited to report to you that my daughter is now a good reader and has graduated from community college with a 2 year degree in applied science summa cum laude!  I am so proud!  These are the life experiences and interests have led me to open my own reading therapy business.


Are you wondering if your child might be struggling with dyslexia?  Or are you a struggling reader yourself?   Fill out the form on the contact me page and get a free assessment.