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Julie O. 

September 2022

Darci is an amazing tutor she has so much patience. She has helped my daughters with they're reading and self esteem. They enjoy their time with her. I would highly recommend her to anyone who's kids are struggling with reading.

Beth A.

March 2022

Darci is amazing! We were connect with her through a friend when our 7 yr old was really struggling with reading and we were in the process of getting him diagnosed with dyslexia. Darci is patient, kind and an outstanding teacher. We watched our son go from very discouraged and down on himself to reading things all around him. Would highly recommend Darci to anyone struggling with dyslexia or reading in general. She was such an answer to prayer.

Marcia S

December 2021

Darci has been so patient with my child. His confidence to read aloud to anyone other then me and his school teacher was very low when we first started and in the time she has spent with him his confidence has grown so much. He feels better about himself and is doing so much better. I have been very pleased with the progress he has made and very thankful for how patient and kind she has been towards him. I cant say enough how much this has helped his self-esteem. I would highly recommend Darci for anyone who needs help reading or anyone who struggles with dyslexia.


December 2021

We are so happy to have found you! You have been a tremendous help with getting Jacoby where he needs to be in reading.


September 2021

Darci helped my struggling readers excel in fluency! Darci worked tirelessly with my students, showing care and motivated my students to have a healthy mindset. Their reading levels improved by at least 25% in a short time. I highly recommend Darci if your child desires reading success.


April 2021

We also see improvements and are so thankful for the time he has with you. You honestly were an answered prayer for us. . He really enjoys the time with you! Thank you for all you are doing with him!!! 


You taught my son to read and I will always be grateful.

When Luke complained about his reading class at school his dad said his reading was improving but Luke replied, "that is because of my tutor not my school."


I Don't know why but all of a sudden I like reading!

Your success is my success.  The next amazing testimony could be yours.

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