I am teaching curriculum called Take Flight, which is a comprehensive, well researched intervention for students with dyslexia.  Your child does not need to have a formal diagnosis of dyslexia.  It can be time consuming and expensive to obtain a formal diagnosis.  If your child is struggling with reading this program will help regardless of the reason for the struggle.  Take Flight is multi-sensory and systematically teaches all 5 components of reading, phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension.

The Take Flight curriculum is designed for ages 7 and up.  If you have a younger child who is falling behind and you want to ensure that they do not spend years struggling I can also help with that.  In that case we would be working on letter and alphabet knowledge and phonemic awareness.  These skills are foundational and if missing or insufficient will cause the child to struggle with both reading and spelling.  So before beginning the Take Flight program I will make sure these foundational skills are in place, especially if the child is younger than 7. 

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What exactly do you teach?
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Where are you located?

I tutor out of my home in Keenesburg Colorado.  If you live near me I invite you to come to my home for one on one tutoring but if you live far away or if for any reason you cannot come to my home your child may be able to benefit from the tutoring online if you are willing to attend the tutoring sessions with them and facilitate their success.

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How long will my child need tutoring?

Of course, every child is different and has varying needs and strengths as well as weaknesses.  It would be impossible for me to predict how fast they would be able to improve.  It is possible that your child could improve quickly and begin reading at grade level after only a few months. You are not obligated to complete the program once you have started.  If for any reason you decide that you do not wish to continue you may stop at any time.   However, let me explain why it is best to plan on completing the entire program (which is approximately 230 hours of instruction) even if your child is already reading at grade level before completion of the program.

Think about this: Each grade will increase in difficulty.  Many students do not begin to struggle until middle school or high school when deficiencies become evident.  Others make it all the way through high school and then are told by their colleges that they will need to take remedial classes.   You will want to prevent this from happening and give your child the best chance for success.

So rather than thinking of this as a quick fix think of it as an investment in your child’s long-term success. Now is the time to make sure they have the tools for success and the confidence they will need.  

Therefore I offer an incentive to students who complete the entire program. You may stop at any time if you do not wish to continue but if you do complete the entire program I will refund 10% of your entire cost.

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